Emotional regulation...our natural physiological ability

Emotions...product of the mind or the body?

We often think the way to deal with our emotions is through the mind: mental processing, rationalizing, cognitive retraining, talk therapy, etc. This is because many of us believe emotions come from the mind, a psychological response, and because we come from a society that highly emphasizes the mind and the intellect.

Actually, emotions start off as a physiological response to a specific trigger, whether a situation, an object, a person, or a thought. This physiological response takes the form of specific patterns of physical sensations that arise in our bodies. Sensations like sweaty palms, knots in your stomach, clenched jaw, changes in breathing, heat rising up the back, etc. What we typically view as an emotion is our intellectual label to explain the physical sensations we feel in our body. But in reality, the emotion is the physical sensations

Our bodies have a natural way of regulating these physical sensations in the moment of an emotional response. If we did not possess this ability to self regulate our emotional response, we would be constantly in some sort of discomfort from these unresolved physical sensations. This is not any special method or technique. This is an innate ability we all possess. When physical sensations arise from either an external or internal source, our bodies have the ability to immediately regulate these sensations, to allow them to pass through our body and completely and permanently resolve the emotional difficulty. Once completely resolved, the physical sensations, and thus the emotion, will not come up again for that particular situation and any that are similar. 

In instances where we repeatedly experience the same emotional patterns or behaviors, there has been an interference or interruption of the body's natural way of processing the physical sensations and thus the emotion is blocked or stuck. TiPi can help remove these emotional blockages by allowing the body to take over and regulate the sensations as it should. 

So then just what is TiPi??

TiPi does not claim to have any special knowledge or exclusive method or technique. Our bodies know how to immediately, directly, and independently regulate emotional difficulties in the moment. There is no need to interfere with this natural process. TiPi is simply the teaching process on how to bring back our awareness of our ability to take care of ourselves and our emotions, ideally in the moment it happens. And if the moment has passed, TiPi guides you to specifically re-live a recent event that represents your current emotional difficulty.  By reliving the event, you can bring up the physical sensations again in the present moment for regulation. This is done seated safely and comfortably in a chair, does not involve retraumatizing the client, does not involve any physical contact, and the client remains fully aware and conscious the entire time. 

With TiPi as a guide, you can permanently resolve emotions, addictions, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, migraines and other physical complaints without any complicated techniques, breathing strategies, or mental retraining/patterning. You do not even have to reveal personal details and definitely do not have to revisit any original traumatic events, thus you remain safe and fully in the present. 

Watch the video below for a fun explanation of TiPi!

Tipi was developed by Luc Nicon, a pedagogy researcher and expert in behavioral communication. This process for emotional regulation is very efficient to resolve conditions such as depression, PTSD, fear, anxiety, anger and grief among others.