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BeeLuminate Therapy

BeeLuminate is a part of the mission to bring back healing touch and integrative health into the way we maintain our well-being. Bodywork addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

Emotional regulation with tipi

Permanently regulate any emotional issue/difficulty/trauma in just one session. Sessions do not require any physical contact, can be performed in person, by phone, or video call and do not require recalling details of any past traumatic events. 

What is tipi?

Our present repetitive emotional patterns are the result of blockages in our brain caused by unresolved emotional traumas/events of our past. TiPi enables us to access these blockages by reconnecting to the physical sensations that arise in our present day difficulties. 


Time to BeeLuminate your being!

When you are ready to free yourself of old emotional wounds through a TIPi session or integrate body, emotion and energy through a BeeLuminate Bodwork session, please book an appointment and together we will illuminate your being and let your inner light shine.