I was a little skeptical when I first heard about Tipi, and after some personal life struggles I thought I would give it a try, I was surprised how well it worked, for me. Lynh is a great coach and helped me walk through difficult times in my life, including helping getting over the interview anxiety and nervousness. I would highly recommend session with her to anyone, give it a try and you will be amazed how well it works. Lynh has very carrying, loving and soft personality she is very understanding and gets to the roots of your problems. I cant thank her enough for everything she does, because of her sessions i was able to lift myself up and move forward on with my life.
— Kamol K.
I had three sesions with Lynh over video chat (I am in Chile). She taught me the basics about Tipi. I am still trying to do it correctly but in the meantime I have noticed that some situations no longer bother me as before, which makes my life much easier!
— Felipe M.
Very impressive quality of bodywork:
intuitive, mindful, accurate, amazing to feel the practitioner’s energy
— Robert G.
I can’t thank Lynh enough for what she did. I had had airplane phobia for over 15 years. I tried everything I could to get over it, but unfortunately nothing worked. After one Tipi session with Lynh, the phobia is now completely gone. No more vomiting, panicking, or crying on a airplane. Lynh is a very intuitive, loving, caring, and honest person. She gave me a chance to live a fear free life, which is incredibly AWESOME!!
— Emi H.

This is my second session with Lynh. She is very accommodating and is very good at her profession. You can tell that she loves what she does. I came in for stiffness on my left shoulder. I came out and my range of motion is so much better. She noticed that I have a hard time using my right hand/arm and so I scheduled for another session. Can’t wait.
— Joseph T.

I’m the type of person who can process through lots of emotions and experiences well either thinking and analyzing things by myself or through talking about it to someone until I could figure out the solution on my own. I was going through a tough situation that no matter how much I replayed the situation in my head or talked through the problem with my closest confidantes, I was still having an extremely strong negative reaction. So strong that I would start crying or get defensive with whoever just bought up the person’s name or the event and the whole day would be completely ruined. This person had become a trigger for negativity. I began losing sleep and not able to concentrate as well at work. It was affecting my entire life and I really wanted to find a solution so the negative feelings wouldn’t affect my time with my 6 month old.

I decided to give Emotional Regulation with Lynh a try. After one session, my strong negative feelings have gone to the wayside. Even though the person/event still haunts my thoughts occasionally, the reactions are more manageable and less extreme. Now I can have conversations about the particular person and event and still be a semi-normal person. I’m not sure if I got lucky with the one session I had with Lynh, but I would go back for a second session if any other negative interactions affect me that strongly. You should try too!
— Richmond, CA

I have carried a particular anxiety with me all my life. This anxiety affected my behavior and hindered me in ways I didn’t even realize. Until one day, fed up with the continual frustration and resentment, I decided to seek help. That’s when I decided to have Emotional Regulation used on me by Lynh. It sounded simple enough. So simple that I was highly skeptical. But one session with her and I was a changed man. It WAS really simple. All you had to do was be completely honest with yourself and be open to facing your fears and the feelings it gave you. Lynh guided me through the process so effortlessly that I didn’t even know it worked. But to my surprise, I can finally go forward with my life a better person and human being. And that alone is well worth the money. I am such a big fan of Emotional Regulation now and will definitely go back to Lynh to help me in other areas of my life. Biggest thanks and gratitude, Lynh!
— San Francisco, CA