Lynh offers a variety of healing methods for body, energy, and emotional health to illuminate your being.


Since 2003, I served as a Physical Therapist for all ages, from infancy to end of life, to all settings, hospital to home.  As a Physical Therapist, my main interest and love lies in neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson's, head injuries. For clients with a history of neurological conditions, hands on manual therapy is so important and so beneficial to help the body move and flow better as well as to decrease tone. But because of my experience with people living with these conditions, I also understand the emotional and mental stresses that my clients face on a daily basis.  

Being a healthcare provider, I had the unfortunate opportunity to observe how little we address our emotional needs when it comes to physical healing. I was so disheartened when all that was done was to prescribe antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

 And yet, I knew, that if I could only find a more natural, effective way of releasing their unresolved emotions, I would be able to improve my patients' function and quality of life even more. More and more, I realized that even outside of disease and illness, on a day to day basis, people are at a loss on how to resolve emotional difficulties and heal themselves. Many just use the intellect to analyze or simply ignore the issues as a way to "deal" with or "handle" their emotions, but not to resolve them. 

Now, in my private practice as a Physical Therapist, Tipi Practitioner, and Bodyworker, I have the freedom to address all aspects of health...body,energy, emotion. I continue developing my interest in the relationship

between emotions and the body.  I am drawn to Eastern styles of bodywork (Acupressure, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga, and TuiNa) as well as CranioSacral Therapy because they share the philosophy of the inseparable connection of body/energy/emotion. 

Using the Tipi Technique, I also help resolve emotional difficulties, and thus addictions, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, migraines and other physical complaints, by accessing the body's somatosensory imprint of the emotion. TiPi, in my experience, has been the most effective method of resolving emotional difficulties because it requires us to return to our bodies, to disregard the intellectual analysis that we are so prone to think is the way to address emotions.  And so, I have started my work with TiPi, to build up my practical skills of emotional healing in the hopes of one day, finding a way of integrating TiPi with the healing of physical disease and dysfunction.  In the end, my ultimate goal is to help people be happy and healthy, and I do believe, for me, it will be through the unique set of skills I provide. 

I am looking for clients that understand the importance of emotional, mental, as well as spiritual health. My work is not about a painful deep tissue massage.  It is about bringing awareness back to your body, bringing your mind back to center, viewing pain, disease, and discomfort as areas that may be holding unregulated emotions. The philosophy is about the power and beauty in touch that is slow, gentle, and smooth, therapy that is simple, uncomplicated, and focused on the wisdom of the body, not the intelligence of the mind in order to get deeper, to find balance and harmony.