TiPi for Emotional Regulation

45 minutes
$150 per difficulty  i.e. In the case that more than one session is required, no additional fee will be charged

Resolve emotional difficulties permanently and effectively without needing to revisit any traumatic events or revealing any private details or personal history. This means you remain safe, clear minded, in the present, and in control. Usually, only one session is needed per emotional difficulty. 


Self TiPi Training, 3 sessions total

45-60 minutess each session
$300 for the complete training

Learn how to regulate your emotions the instant you are faced with a difficult situation using your body's innate ability to process emotions. And then, learn how to perform the TiPi Technique on yourself independently in order to regulate emotional difficulties even after the situation has past. Give yourself the power and freedom to be in charge of your own emotional well-being. 

TiPi for OCD/Addiction/Procrastination Self

45 MINuteS
$100 PER SESSion

TiPi addresses the emotional link(s) that trigger our most common addictive, obsessive/compulsive, or procrastination behaviors. This includes, but is not limited to hoarding, stuttering, narcolepsy, controlling/overpowering behavioral patterns, biting fingernails/cuticles.. After one session, you will see a definite decline in these behavioral tendencies. As more and more emotional links are regulated, you will continue to decrease the frequency of these behaviors.

TiPi for Chronic or Recurring Physical Complaints

45 MINuteS 

$100 PER SESSion

When we have aches and pains that don't seem to go away even long after any physical injury, most likely, we are holding on to some time of unresolved emotion. When we are unaware of our emotional responses, the unresolved difficulty may seem to "disappear" but then reappear later in the form of physical complaints such as rashes, migraines, tinnitus, pain/cramps in any part of the body, and more. Some level of symptom relief will be felt immediately after one session. 

Post TiPi Bodywork add-on

30 MINUTES $45 • 60 MINUTES $80 

Once you complete your TiPi session, help your body further the experience by ending with an integrative bodywork session of your choice at a special rate. 


TiPi Sessions can be done over the phone or via video chat options such as Skype, FB Messenger, FaceTime. Feel free to book a session from anywhere in the world!